King Georges: Story of Perrier and Le Bec-Fin reaches the screen
Michael Klein / PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER / March 13, 2015

“A remarkably presented lion-in-winter story.”


Full Frame: ‘King Georges,’ ‘From This Day Forward’ Among Doc Fest Hits
Addie Morfoot / VARIETY / April 11, 2015

“Poignant, emotional…steady stream of laughter.”


Perrier in the Limelight Again, And Loving It
Sam Adams / PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER / April 24, 2015



Gillian Anderson / THE STRANGER (Seattle) / May 2015

“Captures the essence of the kitchen—the pressure, the relentlessness, the perfectionism.”


2015 Seattle International Film Festival segment


“King Georges”: Film Review



‘Food in Film’ is Sensory Threat

Marta Hepler Drahos / TRAVERSE CITY RECORD-EAGLE / July 30, 2015


DOC NYC 2015 Women Directors: Meet Erika Frankel – ‘King Georges’

Laura Nicholson / INDIEWIRE / November 15, 2015


‘King Georges’ Documentary Eaten Up By Sundance Selects

Patrick Hipes / DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD / November 16, 2015


King Georges: Story of Perrier and Le Bec-Fin reaches the screen
Michael Klein / PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER / March 13, 2015


Philadelphians on the Big Screen at Sundance and Hollywood

Sarah Jordan / PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE / January 25, 2016


Hulu Nabs ‘Weiner,’ ‘King Georges’

in Broad Documentary Output Deal with IFC Films

Cynthia Littleton / VARIETY / January 27, 2016


A Spring super-storm of superheroes and superheroines…and other films

Stephen Rea / PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER / January 29, 2016

“Never mind Bradley Cooper in Burnt — this is the culinary thriller you need to see!”


Georges Perrier Film Coming to Philadelphia

Arthur Etchells / PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE / February 16, 2016


King Georges’ documentary coming to screen and TV

Michael Klein / PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER / February 17, 2016


King Georges film review

Chuck Bowen / SLANT MAGAZINE / February 17, 2016

“Frankel maintains a compellingly glancing touch throughout King Georges, allowing the film’s emotional crux to emerge with casual grace.”

King Georges understands the central beauty of the foodie film genre, as well as of cooking itself: Both represent not only sustenance or even a celebration or approximation thereof, but a form of communication for those who might not otherwise engage with humankind so directly. In other words, cooking is love.”


King Georges’ cooks up a poignant, funny overview of chef Perrier’s Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia

Robert Abele / LOS ANGELES TIMES / February 25, 2016

“Charming, spirited.”

“Poignant, funny and well-seasoned portrait of autumnal fervor.”


King Georges’ is the sweet tale of a restaurant tyrant

Farran Smith Nehme / NEW YORK POST / February 26, 2016

“Frankel has a fine eye for telling detail, and the result, while sentimental, is as irresistible as the dessert cart.”


King Georges': a portrait of Le Bec Fin’s demanding, driven Perrier

Stephen Rea / PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER / February 26, 2016

“Wistful and wonderful.”


Beloved Chef Faces Changing Tastes

Thom Powers / WNYC / February 26, 2016

*Documentary of the Week*


Review: Documenting the madness of Philadelphia “King Georges”

Joshua David Stein / EATER / March 1, 2016

*5 out of 5 stars*

“It’s as beautiful, plain and real a moment as has ever been captured on film.”